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Fighters: Stephen Curry, potential MVP of the finals

Fighters: Stephen Curry, potential MVP of the finals

Despite the three championship rings on his fingers (2015, 2017, 2018), Curry was never named MVP of these finals. Not that he lost, consistently reaching the top matches, but Andre Iguodala, then Kevin Durant the next two times, had been more decisive and consistent. So much so that the label of the player unable to raise his level in the most important games, stuck in the skin of the leader however he was crowned with two MVP trophies in the regular season, in 2015 and 2016.

No one knows if he expects a fourth title for his sixth final in eight years, because despite the draw back (2-2), Boston, never as comfortable as abroad, could very well win Monday at Golden State . to have the last word. But Curry is on a mission and has established himself as the potential MVP of this series at the moment. The only player to be declared the best player in a final while on the losing side is Jerry West, with the Lakers in 1969. There is no doubt that Warrior would prefer not to join this isolated case…

Stratospheric levels

Of course, they do not say everything, but the figures testify to the stratospheric level that is currently his. Before facing Boston, Curry averaged 26.5 points per game in the finals, 39% on 3-point shots. After four games he runs with 34.3 points on average, 49.1% in distance. His 43 points (at 14/26 including 7/14 behind the arc) extinguished TD Garden volcano on Friday, especially in the third quarter, his “moment” during which he lined up 14 points, planting 4 rated banners at 5. And in the latter period, usually that of the Celtics, he was able to find a second wind to complete the work with ten other hostages.

Enough to react to LeBron James, the rival of his first four finals, on Twitter:The chef is CRAZY FURIOUS !!!“For history books, Curry’s performance ranks just behind that of ‘The King’, as he became at 34 years and 88 days the second oldest player to score at least 40 points and 10 rebounds in a final match.” LBJ “was 35. 284 days old when he did the same in 2020 with the Lakers against Miami, earning the crown as a bonus.

On top physically

He held us on his back. He would not let us lose. That comes down to this in the end. He showed why he is one of the best he has ever played basketballsaid his teammate Draymond Green. “His brother Splash” Klay Thompson believed Curry had just given “probably the best“His career performance in the final, moreover”in a match where victory was essentialAll this, 48 ​​hours later, he injured his left leg, ultimately not serious, an incident which however had created uncertainty whether he would have in full possession his means.

What he did is simply amazing. Boston has the best defense in the league. And for Stephin, enduring that pressure throughout the game shows that he has never been so physically strong.“This glittering form impresses you even more as Curry seemed to be falling, from the moment he became the all-time leading goalscorer of all time. Christmas was approaching and this achievement caused a relaxation because he ended the season with an average of 38% in this exercise, the lowest of his career.Maybe then he felt that the best would come and that he should carry some on his back. Curry did not want to expand his “masterclass”: “I do not list my appearances, I just want to win“.

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