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Fighters win against Boston, final resumes – Sport.fr

Fighters win against Boston, final resumes – Sport.fr

Stephen “boss” Curry, three stars in the NBA guide, wants to enjoy the finale: his outstanding performance, sprinkled with 43 points, beat Boston (107-97) better at a TD Garden, boiling over and then extinguished, to equalize. with two wins everywhere.

Since 2013, the Warriors have had 26 consecutive playoff series in which they have managed to win at least one away game. This N.4 match forced them to perpetuate this good habit, as in the event of a failure, the Celtics would have prevailed 3-1 and put their backs to the wall. So since the big players know how to be there for the most important matches, Curry, the biggest of “Splash Brothers”, sprayed him with his whole class. He returned 14 shots from 26 attempts, including 7/14 from behind the bow. The one who already has three championship rings (2015, 2017, 2018), without ever being the MVP of one of these finals won, is on a mission and has kept his team almost alone. The match, intense and exciting all the time, was far from over, when LeBron James wrote on Twitter: “The boss is crazy !!! “” King “, as a connoisseur of the experience of this crazy evening, especially when he overthrew the same Warriors in 2016, after being held 3-1 with Cleveland, must have doubted the result.

“It is big”

However it was long to take shape until the final minutes of the fourth quarter, what the Celtics usually smile from the start of the play-offs. But their address was less common in this period (7/21) than in the previous three. And after Curry, firmly in the oven and in the mill (10 rebounds, 4 assists), his “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson proved invaluable by scoring 8 of his 18 points (7/17). Andrew Wiggins did a great job inside (17 points, 16 rebounds) and Draymond Green responded with his fighting qualities (9 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 interceptions), despite a disastrous address in attack (1/7, 2 points). ) and always the same constant insults from Celtics fans. “We finally realized in the fourth quarter that we could shoot well and execute our game well. It’s crazy because I still think we can play a little better. “But to win abroad and regain the local advantage is great, great for this group”, commented the hero of the evening.

Burned match N.5

A hero, who became the subject of many questions before this 4th match, after injuring his left leg during the defeat suffered 48 hours ago (116-100). He not only did not play weakened, but showed no concern and sent quite a message to the Celtics. “It takes a lot of experience to stay confident in your skills. We knew how important this game was. “So thank God I avoided a big injury and was able to play.” On the Boston side, the effort was still collective, with almost no players failing, like Jayson Tatum (23 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists), Jaylen Brown (21 points, 6 rebounds) and Marcus Smart (18 points, 5 assists). And they were in the lead (94-90) five minutes from the time, i.e. at the start of the money time, without being able to press harder as they usually know how to do. What will have betrayed them is the long-range address, which went from 14/8 in the first period to 24/7 in the second. Golden State, also the author of 15 award-winning baskets, also won the battle in paint (38-32) and
in jumps (55-42). Both teams have 72 hours of rest, before the N.5 game which promises to be hot on Monday in San Francisco. Because the one who wins will only be one victory away from the title.

Results and full schedule of NBA Finals:

Golden State- Boston: 108-120
Golden State – Boston: 107-88
Boston Celtics – Golden State Warriors: 116-100
Boston Celtics- Golden State Warriors: 97 – 107
Monday, June 13th (18:00 local, Friday 3:00 French): Match N.5 – Golden State – Boston
Thursday 16 June (21:00 local, Thursday 3:00 French): match N.6 – Boston – Golden State
IF NECESSARY – Sunday 19 June (17:00 local, Monday 2:00 French): Match N.7 – Golden State – Boston


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