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Frank Vogel Track in Utah?

Frank Vogel Track in Utah?

The Jazz are looking for a new coach. A search has been under way since the official departure of former coaching coach Quin Snyder. To find him a descendant, the Utah-based NBA franchise is set to meet a certain Frank Vogel. The latter is none other than the former Los Angeles Lakers franchise coach. But, of course, Vogel would not be the only name controlled by Jazz executives to occupy this position, those who would not be against a renewal and the search for “new faces”. According to the always very well-informed journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, a first list of names would have been made and there would have been only two former coaches on it. Two former Western Conference coaches. In addition to Frank Vogel, we find in particular Terry Stotts.

A long search for Jazz?

The other names are assistants. And besides, the Utah franchise has also received the authorizations of the franchises in question, in order to be able to talk to Johnnie Bryant (Knicks), Will Hardy (Celtics), Kevin Young (Suns), Chris Quinn (Heat), Adrian Griffin (Raptors), Charles Lee (Bucks) and Joe Mazzulla (Celtics). In addition to the aforementioned assistants, part of this list are two other assistants who are already within the Utah Jazz franchise. This is Alex Jensen but also Lamar Skeeter. Despite a large number of names, Jazz would still be far from finding the rare gem. Indeed, this famous quest would only be in its infancy. This is why this famous list could grow even longer and see the entry of new names of assistants or even former coaches.

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