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How do you see matches and replay broadcasts of the NBA season in France?

How do you see matches and replay broadcasts of the NBA season in France?

Every year, NBA is the scene of the greatest games of American basketball. The best teams compete there for the title of the best basketball team in the world. Regular season matters in everything 82 matches, followed by the Play-In and Play-Offs tournament. These represent the final stages of the championship during which the eight best teams from each Conference compete for the title of conference champion.

Subsequently, the NBA Finals officially close the season and the two two-conference champions compete for the NBA Champion title. In total, an NBA season can have up to 236 games, including Play-In, Play-Off, and Final. Therefore, there are up to 236 matches to watch in broadcast on all your screens each year.

Do you like basketball? Want to miss anything from the NBA season? Here’s how to enjoy the entire NBA season if you live in France.

Get a subscription with operators

In France, the beIN Sports group owns the broadcasting rights for the entire NBA season, but also for the WNBA. To enjoy American basketball games, you must subscribe to an offer to access beIN Sports TV channels from your TV or internet service provider. Among the TV and internet access providers operating in France, here are those who offer you a direct beIN Sports offer:

  • Fr. : for € 14.99 per month, you can use all beIN Sports channels in your SFR TV box.
  • Bouygues Telecom : a subscription of € 14.99 per month is offered to you by Bouyges Télécom in order to take advantage of all beIN Sports channels.
  • ORANGE : you can access beIN Sports TV channels by subscribing to € 15 per month.
  • free : Free offers you access to beIN Sports channels for only € 14.99 per month.
  • Channel + : you can also get a beIN Sports subscription to Canal + and use all group channels for € 15 per month. Still on Canal +, you have the opportunity to subscribe to the Canal + Sport offer, which now includes all beIN Sports TV channels. This subscription is offered at € 45.99 per month without commitment.

Subscribe to beIN Sports CONNECT

For a 100% NBA experience anywhere and anytime across all of your screens, subscribe to beIN Sports CONNECT100% digital group offer bein Sports. This online solution allows you to follow the entire regular NBA season, Play-In and Play-Off, not to mention NBA Finals. To take advantage of it, you must first guide yourself at subscribe.beinsports.com. Once the page opens, a network of world regions will appear. Select “France”. You will then be redirected to a page where you need to create a beIN Sports account.

Once the account has been created, select the beIN Sports CONNECT subscription offer. Finally, confirm your subscription by confirming the purchase and showing your bank details. You can then connect to your beIN Sports CONNECT account from any connected device: computer, smartphone, tablet, console, Smart TV, etc. The offer of beIN Sports CONNECT is billed at 15 € per month without obligation. Subscribing to the beIN Sports CONNECT offer gives you access to the “Riplay” option, an exclusive feature of beIN Sports CONNECT. With this option, you can watch all NBA games, wherever and whenever you want.


NBA TV and League Pass

Follow the best of American basketball by subscribing to NBA TV, the number one basketball channel. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can use the best of American basketball on the NBA TV channel: Regular Season, Play-In, Play-Offs, Conference Finals, NBA Finals, All-Stars… The NBA TV channel is directly accessible on the official NBA website, nba.com. Like League Pass offers, access to the NBA television channel requires subscription to a monthly or seasonal subscription.

In addition to regular season games, NBA TV offers a rich program including additional basketball games, bringing the number of games aired to more than 1,200. In addition to games, NBA TV also offers an immersion into NBA history itself. through various documentaries, exclusive interviews as well as a selection of the greatest games in history. Finally, watch the biggest American basketball events live on NBA TV and don’t miss the Drafts, trophy presentations and team presentations for the coming seasons.

Subscribe to the NBA League Pass broadcast service

There is nothing better to watch the entire NBA season than to follow it on your smartphone or tablet. To do this, you must subscribe to the NBA League Pass broadcast service. Go to the official NBA website, select a subscription and sign up for your NBA League Pass account to follow the regular NBA season live and in unlimited quantities. From your mobile app, you can use statistics and graphs to better understand the evolution of your favorite NBA team or player. Also experience the biggest NBA events live from your smartphone or tablet thanks to the NBA League Pass mobile app.


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