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I’m Titanic  Ne Jemi Tennis

I’m Titanic Ne Jemi Tennis

If you are reading these lines, it means that you are a tennis fan. I imagine the vast majority of you play tennis. And I have no doubt that a large number of practitioners who are you are enthusiastic, like me, who regularly register for tournaments in order to experience the “big light” (at our level!), Even if they are unclassified, 30 / 1 or 5/6. We all know there are fabulous stories happening in these tournaments.

Today, 72 hours from the start of the first Grand Slam of the year, where amazing things are happening every day and the tournament has not even started, I will give you a break from the saga of you-know-who , to tell you my story, which will undoubtedly make you laugh, and with which I hope a few of you will identify, even if some of you have necessarily been there.

With my modest ranking on 15/4, I enrolled in the Cagnes-sur-Mer tournament (thanks to my son for motivating me to do so). My first round, on 30/1, was supposed to be a formality, but I no longer knew how to play tennis. I tightened my ass, focused on getting the ball on the field and prayed to all the gods of this crazy sport for enough. And that was enough. 3 hours match the same…

You my cock, you will run today

After the match, on 15/3, I came back to myself. I knew again how to make a first hand, serve first and be a brave child. Cream came out: 6-2 6-3 and 1:30 of the match but in a half closed.

My third match, at 15/2 this time, was not played in Greenset as the first two, but in clay. And yes, the joys of club tournaments, where you play on two surfaces and three different playing conditions! My opponent had a very clean technique, but he did not have the physical condition that suited him. I think he had to be forced a little by foie gra, without stopping until the galte. With an analytical mind developed like mine (lol), I said to myself, “You dear, today you will run.” 35 amortized later (at least half of which were totally rotten) and almost 2:45 of the match interrupted by a municipal employee, who had decided, with hand training, that it was the right time to consolidate fence ties around the field, I win back in perf!

Which brings me to my match yesterday, the 4th so, equal to a semifinal at 250, at 15/1 this time. So there, I play in maxi perf. My opponent, whoever he was, should have said to himself when he came, or “What? My opponent is 15/4? He has to play well, I have to be careful “, or” Pfffff my opponent is 15/4, I will atomize him “. Whatever happens, I left with this psychological advantage. Either he is afraid or he takes over my leg. But at no point, on the other hand, could I have predicted the scenario of a match against an opponent 33 years younger than me!

Jade, 14, trains at the Mouratoglou Academy. He is there, shy, addressing me like you, tall as three apples. And there, I say to myself: WTF! All scenarios were destroyed. This, I did not see coming at all. He is 15/1! But it is wonderful. I will finally have a 15/1 on my record. Valid point 15/1. He must know how to play tennis, I tell myself, but he must play.

I understand Guillermo Coria a little better

And indeed, he played well, even very well. But as expected, he was limited by his physical size. When I served hard and to him, he could do nothing. He was nervous and made unforced mistakes. Small fast forward to 6-1 5-2 for me. At that moment, this horrible thought of the possibility of beating a 15/1 crosses my mind again. Then as a schizophrenic tennis player at will, I contradict myself by thinking “Do not think about it.” A friend, coach, told me to think about the game, not the stock. I played this philosophical sentence about myself in an attempt to stop the rest of my brain that was already seeing itself announcing the result to the referee. The two double mistakes that followed started to stress me out. In the 3rd point of the match, he managed to take control of the point. 5-3. 5-4. 5-5. 6-6. I start the tie-break with a bang thinking about Marat Safin: “You have to play a tie-break if you want to win it,” he said. I quickly lead 4-0 and tell myself that the nightmare may not happen at last … I lost the tie-break 7-5.

And there it is difficult. You have to start all over again when I had the win within reach. And why ? What price money? What ATP point? Were the necessary efforts necessary to start again in the third set? I swear to you that I asked myself all these questions by switching parties. Then you have to move on. I would not give up either! Led 2-0, I go back to 2 everywhere. He had taken over, it was very clear, but I did not give up. At 5-3 for him, I saved 2 game points, then pushed him to do two doubles with the trick of an old veteran, making him believe I would turn these second balls two yards inland. . Take a break and serve at 4-5 to equalize at 5-5. Except my feet had set differently. I bend over after almost 3 hours of play, 6-4 in 3.

Today it hurts everywhere, I have blisters on my feet, red / purple nails, burning thighs, terrible calf pain, but above all I have a headache. Picturesque, but I’m in pain. I understand Guillermo Coria a little better, who was facing Gaudio in the Roland-Garros final. That had match points without ever being able to feel the pleasure of their transformation.

What a crazy sport. I plan to retreat after this disaster, however, after sharing it with you, it has done me good.

Bravo Jade. And now for the Australian Open.


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