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Its fleet destroyed by hail, SNOS Aviron calls for donations

Its fleet destroyed by hail, SNOS Aviron calls for donations

The club’s competition boats entering the French championship suffered an extremely violent storm 8 days ago in Vichy.

Saint-Nazaire: its fleet was destroyed by hail, SNOS Aviron calls for donations
The volley reached the size of a tennis ball / © Romain Briand

Published June 13, 2022 at 12:02 pm.

It was supposed to be a great moment of racing and victories rewarding the work of the Saint-Nazaire rowing club athletes, it was a weekend of disaster with the loss of 3 boats filled with hailstones reaching the size of tennis balls. On the night of Saturday 4 June until Sunday 5 June, SNOS Aviron, like other clubs in France that had traveled to the Allier, suffered losses in the value of tens of thousands of euros. However, the state of natural disaster recognized by the government for the affected municipalities will not be enough for insurance companies to reimburse the total purchase of boats, which are essential for the continuation of the season races. A call for donations has been launched online to help the club that needs boats to continue training.

3 boats with a total value of 55,000 euros in ruins

“More than thirty holes have pierced the hull of our 3 boats. Today, they are almost ruined » despairs Romain Briand from SNOS Aviron. In this Senior France competition, the most efficient boats were included. The most efficient, but also the most expensive. “Two double boats were bought 10 years ago for 30,000 euros, and the 4-seater boat was bought 4 years ago for 25,000 euros.” he specifies. Even the club truck did not come out unscathed, the body was damaged by numerous collisions.


A multi-year investment reduced to zero

The ministry has acknowledged the state of natural disaster for the municipalities affected by this extreme violence storm, but the account is not there. “Insurance is based on the purchase price. But with inflation over the current cost of materials, buying such a fleet is much more expensive today. ” sorry Romain Briand. Solidarity between athletes will allow the competitions to continue in the coming weeks, especially for the youngest. “Almost all of us are in the same situation,” he said. We will try to arrange between clubs, salvage or borrow boats, but they are older and less efficient. he shows. A kitten is open online to help the club.


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