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Los Angeles Lakers: Sacrifice, Darwin Ham’s headline

Los Angeles Lakers: Sacrifice, Darwin Ham’s headline

Recently appointed to head the Los Angeles Lakers, Darwin Ham recently appeared before the press. Mike Budenholzer’s former assistant at the Milwaukee Bucks had a message for his players. As the Californian franchise and its star-studded workforce has tended to set aside defensive duties, the situation will change with the new staff, who have already spoken to stakeholders. The big word that came out of these discussions was: “sacrifice.” This was the key element. We will sacrifice ourselves, trusted Darwin Ham. It’s not just Russell Westbrook. There will be sacrifices that LeBron James will have to make, that Anthony Davis will have to make and the rest of our team. I expect him to be the same persistent and energetic player he has been throughout his career. Assuring that “a lot is happening now without having the ball in his hands”, the new Lakers boss added that nothing will be possible “without all parties sharing this workload and depending on each other” .

Westbrook at the heart of the project

If LeBron James or Anthony Davis were able to pull the plug, Darwin Ham intends to count on Russell Westbrook next season. “Russell Westbrook is one of the best players our league has ever seen,” the Lakers coach assured. There is still a lot in the tank. I do not know why people try to minimize it. Claiming to “communicate with him” as he has been able to do with all the players he has had under his command, Darvin Ham aims to address the topic of “ball-to-ball, no-ball racing habits” but also the idea. of the “division of defensive and offensive work.” “The two parts of the field are connected. You hear about these attacking gurus, these defensive gurus, but both sides of the field influence each other, Darwin Ham explained. If you are able to defend very well, this will be felt in your attack as well. Because you will not face a defense in place. If you let the opponent score, your attack will suffer because you will be playing a defense on the spot. If he manages to bring his players together around this project, the new Lakers coach could create a candidate team for the title.

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