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Medvedev pushes Tsitsipas to join Nadal in the Australian Open final

Medvedev pushes Tsitsipas to join Nadal in the Australian Open final

Daniil Medvedev will meet Rafael Nadal in the final of the Australian Open on Sunday. He knew how to bend his rival Stefanos Tsitsipas after a very high level match in the first sets and who lost intensity in the third set and especially in the fourth set where Tsitsipas left free.

After well negotiating the tiebreak of the first set, the Russian lost the thread in the second set. Frustrated, he violently attacked the referee overstepping the bounds. While the Russian had just broken in the second set (5-4 for Tsitsipas), he complained about the behavior of Tsitsipas’s father, Apostolos. Very violent. “Bur, are you crazy? And his father can talk about anything? Comrade, are you stupid? His father can talk about anything! Will you answer my question? God, you are so stupid.” to regain his senses, the world number two recovered in his match and took the lead over an open Tsitsipas.S Sharper in first serve (86% of points scored versus 67% for his opponent), the Russian was generally stronger than his opponent.

Big shares on Sunday for Nadal and Medvedev

The Gilles Cervera student wins the seventh duel in nine encounters against the Greek and will play his fourth Grand Slam final on Sunday where he will find some Rafael Nadal. Russia lost in the final of the US Open 2019 after an anthology match. But since 2019, Medvedev has changed dimensions and will try to deprive Mallorcan of 21.e Grand Slam title, after removing Djokovic’s 21ste was crowned Major at the last US Open. The 25-year-old, last year finalist in Melbourne and winner of the last US Open, can also make history this Sunday, becoming the first player in the Open era (since 1968) to win two consecutive Grands his first. Slam Titles. A success in the final would also give him first place in the world for the first time in his career. A transfer of power that would take place in late February, the 2021 edition has been postponed by a month. In short, the stocks will be huge this Sunday.


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