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Nadal defeats Djokovic after a monumental showdown that lasted more than four hours

Nadal defeats Djokovic after a monumental showdown that lasted more than four hours

The long-awaited quarterfinal gave an insanely intense showdown that lasted 4:12. Wonderful. Suffocating. overwhelming. By force or finesse, lining up crawling races, resisting the threat of a desperate return by Novak Djokovic, adapting to the conditions that over the minutes made his rise less sharp, while the thermometer moved away by escaped precious ranks, Rafael Nadal struck. down world number 1, reigning champion.

At Roland-Garros, the stadium carried out by a major expansion and modernization project has changed a lot in recent years, while remaining associated with its spirit and memories. At the heart of this perpetual movement, an actor occupies a special place. For him, nothing changes. Or almost. Rafael Nadal (36 years old on June 3), the sublime endless story. The Spaniard saw his statue placed in place, but delights in repelling the ravages of time, inhabited by an incomparable fury to win. Unbreakable.

Rafael Nadal entered the pitch accompanied by cheers. Behind him, Novak Djokovic, impatient, suffered whistling. From the first balls of the warm-up session, the look and intensity betrays an ardent desire to do battle. Boxers released into the ring do not observe a round of observation. The Spaniard’s game plan, known for the quality of his defense, comes down to one position, clinging behind his line to project himself forward, limiting the Serb to his expression. Nadal removes its effects savagely. Djokovic, the sublime of denial, unfolds like an octopus, twisting his elastic body to resist the lasso wings that collide, resonate. Serbia is getting stronger, applying itself. Duelists with a long history in common, unparalleled ropes, share a thread from which neither of them wants to come down. Tired, Novak Djokovic ended up surrendering after saving three game points (6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6).

Novak Djokovic AI / Reuters / Panoramic

Before the meeting, Carlos Moya, the Spanish coach, had calmly assured: “In clay Rafa is always the favorite”. One sentence slipped without pretensions. Carried only by the story of an extraordinary player who won his 109se victory in… 112 matches at Roland-Garros. And relies on a success rate of more than 90% in clay since the beginning of his career. The one who has 62 of his 92 titles on his favorite surface. Dizzy. Amazing. But Nadal always wants more. However… He remains in the race for a 14e the title at Roland-Garros. A 22e The Grand Slam crown. In the semi-finals he will meet Alexander Zverev, whom he has dominated six times in nine games, but whom he has never met at Roland-Garros. Germany will attack a monument…

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