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NBA weekly beIN Sports program: Knicks

NBA weekly beIN Sports program: Knicks

As every week on TrashTalk, find the full program for the next seven days, to get to work with the face of a zombie and the spirit of a grandmother who has just eaten a can of non-fresh herring. While you wait for some possible updates, here is the signed menu bein Sports.

Weeks pass and it will already be Christmas before we have time to realize it. We still hope you do not forget to open your arrival calendar boxes for your daily dose of chocolate. If you do not know what we are talking about, do not worry, our friends from bein Sports also book your NBA dose every day on their antenna. This week, the Grizzlies will be in the spotlight with two live broadcasts. We should not miss the Suns – Spurs next night either. The Spurs recently defeated the Warriors who themselves had interrupted the Suns’s 18-game winning streak. However, it is difficult to see the San Antonio favorite in this match. And for those who wake up early, you can check out the Knicks – Bucks at 6pm next Sunday for a sunset around 8:45pm. Changed the NBA!

Monday night, December 6th

  • Charlotte Hornets – Philadelphia 76ers at 1am (beIN 1)
  • Phoenix Suns – San Antonio Spurs at 3am (beIN 4)

Tuesday night, December 7th

  • Dallas Mavericks – Brooklyn Nets at 1:30 a.m. (beIN 1)

On the night of Wednesday 8 December

  • Miami Heat – Milwaukee Bucks at 1:30 (beIN 1)
  • Memphis Grizzlies – Dallas Mavericks at 2am (beIN 4)
  • Los Angeles Clippers – Boston Celtics at 4:30 (beIN 5)

Thursday night, December 9th

  • Memphis Grizzlies – Los Angeles Lakers at 2am (beIN 1)

Friday night, December 10th

  • Indiana Pacers – Dallas Mavericks in 1 hour (beIN 4)
  • Atlanta Hawks – Brooklyn Nets at 1:30 a.m. (beIN 1)

Saturday night December 11th

  • Los Angeles Clippers – Orlando Magic at 9:30 PM (beIN 2)
  • Miami Heat – Chicago Bulls at 2am (beIN 4)

On the night of Sunday 12 December

  • New York Knicks – Milwaukee Bucks at 18:00 (beIN 3)
  • Portland Trail Blazers – Minnesota Timberwolves at 3am (beIN 4)

We kindly print the program bein Sports, we display it at the entrance or in the office and so we do not miss any point of what will be offered during the next 7 days on the channel! In the meantime we will buy a coffee …

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