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New Orleans: Ingram operated on one finger

New Orleans: Ingram operated on one finger

Brandon Ingram went through the surgery box. This Friday, through its official Twitter account, the NBA franchise of the New Orleans Pelicans announced that its winger had gone to the pool table earlier this week to have surgery on his finger, and more precisely on the little right finger. :Ingram recently underwent successful surgery on his right fifth finger to treat a flexion contracture. The operation was performed on June 7 by Dr. Steven Shin at the Kerlan-Jobe Surgical Center in Los Angeles. Recovery time is about 6 to 8 weeks. “A finger injured for some time. According to the player himself, this injury dates back to game 5 of the first round of the play-off round of his franchise. It reminds us Basketball USA.

Ingram returns to Pelicans training camp?

So Ingram did not suffer from a fracture but from a contracture, as confirmed by the Pelicans medical statement. The latter did not allow him to bend, as he would have liked, his finger. Therefore this injury dragged on and surgery seemed inevitable. After this famous operation, the main stakeholder will now have to rest and observe a recovery period lasting six to eight weeks., a total of a month and a half to two months, where it will then be fully immobilized. If he is not to return permanently, then the winger should be able to respond to the case of his franchise training camp in the New Orleans Pelicans, early next school year.

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