" Oswald Homeky makes one of Patrice Talon's dreams come true - Matin Libre - NEWS-SPORT
Oswald Homeky makes one of Patrice Talon’s dreams come true – Matin Libre

Oswald Homeky makes one of Patrice Talon’s dreams come true – Matin Libre

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(A milestone for Benin and its basketball)

The Yellow River Chamber of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs served as the setting, Tuesday, May 17, 2022, for the signing of an agreement between the NBA Africa and the Ministry of Sports. A firm that is consistent with the discovery of Benin through sports, including basketball.

The professionalization of sport promoted by the Benin government through sports companies is gradually bearing fruit. For good reason, NBA Africa has signed an agreement with the Benin government, represented by the Ministry of Sports to support the willingness of the efforts made by the Benin government in the field of sports, in particular basketball. Thus, the convention will take into account the training of basketball coaches, the official youth program, and talent discovery through the NBA Academy. For NBA Africa general manager Victor Williams, NBA Africa is committed to developing the sport of Benin through basketball. According to him, Benin is lucky to have an ambassador (Ian Mahinmi) who is determined to support basketball in Benin. “We are ready to encourage all basketball sports activities with the Benin government,” he suggested. “We are ready to work with the Benin government and the Ian Mahinmi Foundation to ensure that basketball can be developed and practiced by Benin youth athletes,” assured CEO Victor Williams.

“It’s a wonderful day for our country. It is a historic moment “, said Minister Oswald Homeky, very pleased with the implementation of the agreement in question. For the authority, signing a memorandum with the great NBA, the League which brings together more than 400 players and the best in the world, is the best thing that can happen to Benin, which has started six years ago. in an ambitious rise of his sport. This, through the construction of more than 20 municipal stadiums with a good part of hand sports and basketball, as well as sports classes to ensure quality continuity. Added to this is the organization of the Benin Basketball Federation (Fbbb) of the Professional Basketball League, which is in its second edition since the arrival of the Benin sport professionalization by the Talon government. It is in this sense that Minister Homeky invited the Fbbb to continue its efforts to achieve its objectives. “When you give yourself the means, you end up achieving your goals. “The NBA is the culmination of a whole sporting career and we must give Beninese the opportunity, whatever his status, to believe in his dream and achieve it,” concluded Benin sporting chief Oswald Homeky thank all stakeholders who contributed to the outcome of the signing.

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