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Our final initial package to make you (finally) love the NBA

Our final initial package to make you (finally) love the NBA

If you too want to finally understand what a triple-double is, enjoy a Ja Morant dunk or an unseen pass by Luka Doncic and succeed in successfully setting the terms pick & roll, space and draft, you you are in the right place. With the play-offs starting this Saturday and taking us to the long-awaited NBA Finals, here are four tips to keep you interested in one of the most beautiful championships in the world and join a community of enthusiasts who do not stop growing up. in France.

In NBA 2K, you will play

Video games are not real life, but they are still a good way to get interested in a sport. In the case of the NBA, it’s even better, because the simulation dedicated to the North American League is probably the best of its kind, all combined sports.

Playing NBA 2K is the guarantee to discover the universe of this championship, to know the teams of 30 franchises and some legendary teams, distinguishing the strengths of the main players, all this by spending a good time in front of his screen.

Top 10, you will consume

Let’s say, the NBA is so much more than a league, it’s fun too. Before we understand and assimilate the details of the athlete, we will enjoy what the League has to offer most spectacularly on the field thanks to the 10 (or 5) best actions of the day before. A concentration of key points based on dunk, counters, intersections and other beacons to be viewed without moderation.

After a few top 10 games the day before, slowly but surely you will slide towards more specific peaks: in a season, a player, a kind of action, celebrations … There is something for everyone.

In the playgrounds, you will go

Once it is filled with yeast and mixtape of all kinds, why not reproduce what you have seen in a real field. Go to the playground near your house to try out the orange ball and work on hitting the jump. Because, if in the 2000s, we all wanted to dribble like Hot Sauce or dunk like Vince Carter, the evolution of the game means that today we all want to shoot 3 points like Stephen Curry.

The fate in basketball, compared to other sports, is that the player community is generally benevolent on the field. No need to have practiced for 10 years to have fun alongside other more seasoned basketball players. Never get stingy with tips, they will help you better understand the game and improve at the same time. And who knows, you will probably become the new star of parquet floors.

The last dance, you will see

It is impossible not to mention the documentary series about the greatest player in basketball history, Michael Jordan. In 10 episodes, ESPN / Netflix production reviews the career of His air until his last season with the Chicago Bulls in 1997-98.

Thanks to a perfect narration and quality speakers, including Michael Jordan himself, not stingy with kind words, The Last Dance keeps us afloat from start to finish telling the story of the rise of an international icon and the building of one of the greatest teams in team sport. A great TV moment that attracts both laymen and orange ball fans.

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