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San Antonio: Parker returns after Popovich’s retirement?

San Antonio: Parker returns after Popovich’s retirement?

From next Wednesday, ASVEL will defend the title of champion of France against Monaco or Pau-Lacq-Orthez. Tony Parker, the president of the Rhone club, will undoubtedly be present to support his people. In office since 2014, the former leader highly values ​​this leadership role, in the “front office” as the Americans say. But nothing says that the one who celebrated his 40th birthday a few weeks ago will stay at the helm of ASVEL all his life. Asked by USA Today about various topics, and in particular the NBA Finals currently being played by Golden State and Boston (“I think it will be played in seven games,” he believes), Tony Parker clearly answered the question of a possible future as a coach. “At the moment I prefer the front office. I’m in my locker room, once we’ve won the semifinals, we’ll try to be champions twice in a row. I like the front office side. And one of these days I will try the NBA, but now I want to return to my country. It’s very nice to own the men’s team, the women’s team. And the academy I’m building here, we have some great young guys on my team. We may have the first choice of Draft in 2023 (Victor Wembanyama, editor’s note). He is 17 years old, he is playing amazing. So it’s good to be back in my country. But one of these days, when the Pop coach retires, I will probably be back. »

Parker president of basketball operations?

It’s hard to imagine Tony Parker replacing the iconic 73-year-old NBA winning record holder on the Spurs bench. On the other hand, “Pop” also has the hat of the president of basketball operations, so the former leader can follow him in this position, especially with the management of recruitment. But Popovich has not yet retired and will even leave for a new season in 2022-2023 with the Spurs, at the helm of which he has been since 1996. In the past, Tony Parker had also mentioned his desire to own an NBA franchise. But that would require the accumulation of several billion dollars …

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