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story of Sergiy Stakhovsky ready to go to war in Ukraine

story of Sergiy Stakhovsky ready to go to war in Ukraine

The former tennis player is ready to defend his country. The Ukrainian shows Team the first hours of his return to the country, involved in a war with Russia.

Sergiy Stakhovsky, like many other Ukrainian athletes, has joined his country’s military reserve. The native from Kiev was pleased Team on what he saw. After a long journey of tens of hours, the tennis player arrived not without difficulty in the Ukrainian capital. “People are wary of possible small Russian attack groups, so they look at you with great suspicion when trying to cross. We have already been shot in the head several times.»

I hope to see my wife again»

Anyone who defines himself as a patriot felt compelled to help his people. “It’s something I felt very much inside, that I needed to do“. Not without some regrets and worries.”Everyone tried to stop me. I just hope I can see my wife again and apologize.»

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Equipped with bulletproof vests provided by acquaintances, the 36-year-old is taking part in a collective effort at the scene. “Instead they give you a gun and you wait for orders. We upload and download. I hope I do not have to do anything more.“If he is not at the front, Stakhovsky remains in a state of constant readiness. “As soon as the sirens sound, we will hide in the basement. Last night it happened three times. Mermaid or not, I have three days that I slept very little.»

We need the world»

The slender 1m93 player has already faced the horrors of war and shows it. “There was only one bomb today in Kiev. They tried to destroy the television tower. They were unsuccessful, but killed five civilians.And take the opportunity to make a call for help to the western world. “It’s totally crazy and should be stopped. But Ukraine alone can not do that. We need the world.»

Without fear of death, Stakhovsky concludes by trying to relativize, even philosophize. “I try not to think about death. We can all die for many reasons, no one knows when it will happen, so why bother thinking about the worst.This Wednesday, FIFPro announced the death of two Ukrainian professional footballers, who also went to the front.

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