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Val de Loire: hail return – Val de Loire: hail return

Val de Loire: hail return – Val de Loire: hail return

For the Loire Valley growers, the Climatic weekend’s climatic conditions were crucial for the flowering vines. Some suffered hail that destroyed part of the growing crop, while others welcomed the rain that had been missing for months.

“I doYou have to have strong nerves. I almost broke down this weekend says Benoit Gautier, the vinedresser in Vouvray, who has not forgotten the frost at the beginning of the year. “ I admit I find it hard to cash in “He continues to be the one who has chained climate disasters since 1982 and 1985. The difference is that now, there is no reserve to mitigate the impact:” Drought in 2020, frost and hail in 2021, we need a harvest! “But he acknowledges that the rain and hail episode has fewer consequences than one might think, there are several acres affected – even if these areas can sometimes dramatically affect a farm as a whole.

Hail between peas and cherries

“Near 2021, when he was in the middle of a cloud that had destroyed everything, this year the defense system started and reduced the size of the hail.” between peas and cherries while urban areas had tennis balls. Indeed, Indre & Loire vineyards have been relatively protected since 2016 thanks to a system set up by ANELFA, the National Association for Atmospheric Plague Studies, regarding information from Météo France. The principle of hail control consists of artificially inserting into the clouds the creamy nuclei of silver iodide in order to increase the number of ice crystals and consequently reduce the size of the hailstones: then they fall, more slowly and melt completely or partly before it reaches the ground. Jean-Marc Gillet, of the Domaine de la Rouletière in Parçay-Meslay also thinks that ” without the grid we would have two to three times more damage. I had some pierced leaves, but the rain was good, there were three months we only had 25 mm. Cheney is in full bloom, has revived the bloom “.

From Azay-le-Rideau to Montsoreau

The hail followed a corridor passing through Azay-le-Rideau, sparing Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, but mainly affecting other denominations such as Bourgueil and Chinon. In the latter, the area took place, at Huismes, in Savigny-en-Véron. In Saint-Germain-sur-Vienne, Château du Petit-Thouars was hit hard. It is located at the western end of the Chinon name, just upstream of the Vienna-Loire convergence. In this area suffered the city of Fontevraud and part of Saumurois. Again not all areas are affected. In Patrick Rétif, in the Domaine des Damoiselles de Turquant, half the property suffered hail: We do not yet know the exact consequences on the 8 acres, but it is certain that there are 6 that will not work. Some places were marbles, but others were real ping-pong balls. The next day I saw pigeons and dead pigeons between rows of vines “Since he had already lost 30% of the April frosts and had only brought in a normal harvest (2020) since 2016, he fears losing markets.” Even if we have harvest insurance, it does not replace customers sorry.

“Mathieu Vallée from Château Yvonne in Parnay finds it difficult to smile, even if there were no injuries, when he sees what his neighbors in Montsoreau have suffered.” last year’s branches were sometimes completely broken, the vine that will take two years to recover sorry. He acknowledges that having scattered vines is sometimes an advantage.

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