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XXL hit LeBron and his companion in e-Sport!

XXL hit LeBron and his companion in e-Sport!

LeBron James is not only a legendary basketball player, he is also a businessman and a confirmed investor. Moreover, he and his circle have just entered the world of e-sports, with a major blow to this environment. This move could be revolutionary.

Outside the fields, Lebron James has some passions, like traveling or wine, but seems not to be a fan of video games. It must be said that he is not necessarily from his generation, unlike his son Bronny, who is a big fan of games. Trial, he has already made the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine with other members of the FaZe Clan, the largest e-sports team in the world.

Klutch Sports signs FaZe Swagg, reference in Call of Duty

But as a good businessman, King probably knows that digital sports have a bright future and that investing in it can be a great idea financially. This is what he has just done indirectly, after his company Klutch Sports announced the signing of a big name Call of Duty: FaZe Swagg. After basketball, American football or baseball, leave room for video games in Klutch!

From now on, do not call me Rich

“FaZe Swagg is an outstanding athlete in the world of esports and content creation, and is also a pioneer in the video game industry,” explains Rich Paul. “We are very excited to represent him.” Kris Lamberson is the first esports player to join Klutch Sports, the agency founded by LeBron James and Rich Paul in 2012.

“Traditional” athletes are no longer the only ones who can sign with major agencies, this privilege can also claim electronic athletes. At Klutch Sports, FaZe Swagg, over two million YouTube subscribers, will rub his shoulders with all the big names like Anthony Davis or Draymond Green, namely its importance. This signature can be revolutionary.

E-Sport comes into force in Klutch, with the signing of one of the biggest names in Call of Duty. still very close to other Rich Paul clients, LeBron may start to be passionate about video games. When will the broadcast start?

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