I always had a swollen stomach, until I learned about these 5 habits that cause it…

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We all experience bloating after eating, but if days or weeks go by and the bloating doesn’t go away, it means there’s a bigger problem with our stomach.

These problems are usually solved with a holistic diet, but if we understand why this problem arose, we will not be able to stop it forever, but when the treatment ends.

Any of these reasons can be modified to suit your situation, and it is recommended that you pay attention to these reasons because you are concerned about something more realistic.

These are the most common causes of stomach enlargement

Food intolerance
Things are not vitally important, but in reality, we tend to be narrow-minded about various foods and continue to consume them without paying much attention to whether they give us a slight twinge or a sharp sensation. in any way.

Ideally, gluten does not pass well, so it not only causes swelling in the stomach but also rashes.

The best way to explain it is to do a sensitivity test at many of the treatment plants near where you live, and you can do it without too much worry and maybe even without a protective cover.

All this will be in the diet that you are looking for options to solve the problem of vulnerability.

prepared food
It sounds cool and unusual, but we don’t have that taste, but many foods break down quickly because they are high in salt and sugar.

One such standard is light or zero, soft drinks or all our favorite forms, but the guarantee of no weight gain.

If you understand, I suggest that you include vegetables and organic products in your diet for every dinner, along with these lines, you can make a detox sleep pillow for your body.

eat quickly
According to nutritionists, we need at least 30 minutes to eat calmly, without the computer, answering text messages, or looking at PDAs for things that stress us out, which is most common among young people or workers who are overly concerned.

When we eat, our brain is designed to process nutrition, so if you exercise more, the processing will not be perfect.

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