How to be a good tech role model for your kids

Today, children see their parents immersed in technology. Some screen habits can be addictive and unhealthy, so it’s important to be a positive role model for technology and set good role models.

From spending too much time on social media to watching TV shows and playing games, screen time can have negative effects. Recognizing and correcting these bad digital habits can help you and your children become responsible technology users.

Talk to your children about the use of technology

To be a good role model for your children, you need to be open and talk about their use of technology. If you’ve never talked to your kids about the reasons why they use technology, it’s time to start.

Whether they’re using technology in a healthy way or not, being online has certain downsides. From spammers to scammers, there are so many Sites parents should block to keep kids safe from malicious online activity.

This is also important Ask children the right questions about their use of social media. Some questions:

  • What social media do they use?
  • Do they know everyone they interact with online?
  • Are they aware of the responsibilities of being a good digital citizen?

Talking about technology in your family can make each member of the family think about the time they spend online. You can open the way for your children to listen, make decisions together, and set healthy boundaries around technology use.

Set an example for children

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If your kids see you using technology at any time of the day, they’ll think it’s normal. If you know that you never put your phone down (even when you’re talking), or you don’t use your tablet while eating, they can pick up the habit. Next time you admonish them about their tech habits, think about yourself.

If they see you overusing technology, you’re letting them do it. Watching your favorite TV shows on the weekends is fun, but there’s a reason Excessive viewing can be harmful to your health.

It’s important to know the line between positive use of technology and overuse. Being a positive role model for your child and calling yourself out whenever you are tempted to use technology in an unhealthy way will make you a good digital role model.

Follow the rules you set

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If you and your kids are having a hard time staying away from your devices, set some ground rules. If you need to create a rule to limit screen time at certain times of the day, make sure you stick to that rule.

Likewise, turning off devices at night, disconnecting Wi-Fi at certain times of the day, and limiting gaming to a few hours on the weekends can do you and your kids good. The best way to show your kids boundaries when it comes to technology is to make rules and show them that you can follow them yourself.

father teaching his son to play baseball

For example, if your kids are addicted to toys, it’s time to consider switching their indoor activities to outdoor activities. Too much screen time can affect their vision and overall health.

Find something they enjoy doing outside and make time for it. This way they can get plenty of exercise and vitamin D. And spend that time with them! By showing your kids that there’s a world out there that’s very different from what they see on their devices, but just as fun, you’ll let them enjoy the world.

Dedicate some tech time to education

Not all screen time is bad, and it doesn’t have to be just for entertainment. In fact, there are many websites and apps that promote health and improve cognitive function.

From education websites that teach children about nutritionto sites and games that teach kids how to write, you’re sure to find something to teach your kids while keeping them interested. By taking advantage of the technology available to you, it’s easy to turn mindless screen time into something useful.

Show them it’s okay to leave the phone behind

Children using phones and tablets

If the thought of losing or misplacing your phone is enough to give you nightmares, you may be taking technology too seriously. Or, if you work from home and find it difficult to separate work time from family time, you may need to balance your time more effectively.

Show your kids that going without a device isn’t the end of the world. To show your kids that it’s okay not to have their phone with them all the time, try putting it away, locking it if necessary, and creating boundaries between online and offline time. You may find that it is better.

Fortunately, there are many types of software that can help you set good examples of technology use for your children. For example, some social media channels have settings to help limit screen time.

If you or your kids are spending too much time scrolling through videos and it’s up to you, you can Limit your time on TikTok using the program settings. You can too Limit your time on Instagram in a similar manner.

Show your kids a healthy relationship with technology

As the saying goes, “Don’t talk the talk, walk the walk.” Instead of telling your kids they’re spending too much time on social media or on the couch, show them what healthy habits are.

It’s important to show what you expect from them through your behavior, and that starts with being aware of your screen time habits. Ask yourself if you’re setting a good example for your kids, and use these tips to teach them how to be responsible technology users.

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