What’s going on in Downtown Midland?

The Facebook page has so far received over 300 responses about what people want to see.

MIDLAND, Texas – Facebook page “Maybe in Midland-Odessa” Public input and comments are currently being gathered on a possible entertainment/cultural district for downtown Midland.

The new neighborhood will make the downtown area more pedestrian-friendly by reducing traffic times and widening sidewalks. This will increase opportunities for festivals and promote local businesses.

However, according to page owner Kevin Dawson, most commenters are hoping for more to come to downtown Midland.

“The general consensus and the feedback we’re getting is, yes, we want to see more downtown restaurants, more downtown entertainment, more family-friendly places, they just want people to come in the evenings and on weekends when the weather is nice.” Dawson said.

The group behind the project approached Dawson to help spread the word about the project and gather feedback.

“‘The people behind this project have contacted me personally and we want to talk to you about this project,'” Dawson said.

So far, Dawson says the post on her Facebook page has received more than 300 responses.

The City of Midland told NewsWest 9 that they have not worked with Dawson or his page, but said they appreciate public input on the potential district.

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