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Moisac.  Tennis: beautiful balls for the return of the Christmas tournament

Moisac. Tennis: beautiful balls for the return of the Christmas tournament

A regionally recognized competition, the Christmas tennis tournament hosted by the Moissaga club was eagerly awaited.

Like the Phoenix, the Christmas tournament, organized by the Moissagais Tennis Club in the covered fields of Carabignac “No” stadium, is reborn from its ashes. This undefeated event on a regional scale, which for a good decade had put a good dose of tennis on the Santa Claus hood by Moissaga, had to be put in the background last year due to health restrictions. The pandemic remains important, but with the usual precautions, the 2020-2021 edition (as the competition spans two calendar years) could take place and vintage is quite revered.

One hundred participants in the courses

With nearly a hundred players registered and a resurgence of female participation, the tournament has almost returned to the low water level of its glorious years. In the face of restrictions related to health checks, of course this year it was necessary to increase the presence of volunteers in the country and to manage unforeseen wet weather situations in the first days of the competition, but this one, extended to three weeks. was able to meet deadlines and deliver a beautiful final lineup on this first Sunday of 2022.

The tournament, which was a little late in the first days, was perfectly managed by two judges Marta and Michael Gourio, as well as by all the volunteers “, welcomed Emmanuel Houvenaghel, president of TCM, in the final result. lottery stages for women and men.

Among the ladies, it was Margaux Pleynet (Beaumont-de-Lomagne Tennis Club) who won against Coline Degroote (Pont-du-Casse CO), and for Méline Arnaudy consolation against Fabienne Perisse (both from AT Montauban). Among the men, Giuliano Basile Lo Bartolo (ASPTT Agen) defeated Romain Rodriguez (Tennis Quercy Caussadais), and for the small final, Jérémie Glories (AT Montauban) defeated Sébastien Savalle (TC Moissac).

Due to the epidemic context, the awards ceremony took place after the results were received on Sunday 2 January, with the support of partners: BSA Moissac, Intersport Castelsarrasin, Sport 2000 Moissac, Crédit Mutuel Moissac, SCP Guillamat Paul and Vincent, municipalities for facilities, and Philibon Moissac.

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