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Stephen Curry’s Warriors well launched, Boston has already shrunk … Sunday’s summary in three points

Stephen Curry’s Warriors well launched, Boston has already shrunk … Sunday’s summary in three points

The conference semifinals have a strong start. After a dense regular season at the top of the table and a first round of play-off without a dramatic change, the first posters predicted an undecided series. The first night confirmed it with the successes of Milwaukee in Boston, and Golden State in Memphis. Here’s what you need to remember from the night.

Game: Milwaukee kills Boston in his hall

The reigning champion got the message. The Bucks, third in the regular season in the Eastern Conference, were imposed with authority in Boston (101-89). The series has just begun and Milwaukee is only leading 1-0, but his display of strength has calmed the Celtics’s enthusiasm, in the wake of Giannis Antetokounmpo, clumsy but ubiquitous with a triple-double in the key (24 points, 13 rebounds) , 12 assists). Jrue Holiday, excellent throughout the game, finished the top scorer (25 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals).

Milwaukee not only got the best out of the championship’s best defense, but they came out even better as their preventative force was the difference. The Celtics were limited to 33.3% on kicks, sending no less than 50 long-range attempts for just 18 hits. Jayson Tatum, blocked twice spectacularly Antetokounmpo, paid the price for the special treatment reserved for him (21 points at 6/18). Same for Jaylen Brown, orally (12 points, 4/13, 9 rebounds).

It was facing Boston in his game, all in intensity and toughness, that Milwaukee won, already counting a ten-point lead at the break, which peaked at 17 in the 3rd quarter, without shaking in end of the game. “We had to defeat them. We had to be present tonight, to stick to them as strongly as possible, to make them as difficult as possible.“, Summed up Antetokounmpo, very determined, like this dunk a little crazy after the ball bounced on the board.

Tiles: Marcus Smart already goes to the infirmary twice

With the absence for the entire series of their All-Star winger Khris Middleton, who is feeding a sprained ligament in his left knee, we thought the Bucks were the worst in terms of health. But in this bitter duel, Marcus Smart (10 points, 6 assists), voted the best defender in the league this season, suffered physically. A crushed nerve in his right shoulder, following a seizure by Jevon Carter, forced him to seek treatment before rest and in the third trimester he injured his right thigh.

His coach Ime Udoka tried to be reassuring at a press conference: “He took a few strokes, I think the quadriceps bothered him more than the shoulders, but he will play despite a lot.“By reducing their home guard, the Celtics would not have the same defensive power to deter Milwaukee.

Player: Jordan Poole shines again, Golden State steals the first game in Memphis

Klay Thompson (15 points, 6/19), for a long time in difficulty, was clinical to put his team back in front of a basket behind the arch, 36 seconds from the signal. Draymond Green played his embarrassing result by being sent off for a flagrant foul at the end of the second quarter. But if Golden State went to the Western Conference semifinals on the Memphis floor (116-117), it’s largely thanks to Jordan Poole.

Again off the bench, Poole was instrumental in keeping the Warriors on their feet in the first period, before helping to bring the Bay players back into the second. He ended with a career record in the play-offs (31 points, nine assists, eight rebounds), to deliver a pretty bad match for the visitors.

Because Morant did not absolutely deserve it up front (34 points, 10 assists, nine rebounds, three steals), backed by Jaren Jackson Jr. (33 points, 10 rebounds) with an unexpected attacking appearance for the defender he is first. Pulled out of this dual locomotive, the Grizzlies led by 13 lengths in the second quarter. Before the show Poole and Stephen Curry’s big pass (24 points) do not allow Golden State to count in a ten-point lead at the start of the fourth.

Memphis came back, in vain, Ja Morant missed the victory kick. “We kept our cool, we knew the match would last 48 minutes. said Curry. You need to find a way to win.“This one got Poole’s name on Sunday. A good sign, as the Warriors have won the last twelve playoff series after winning Game 1.

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