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Tennis Weekly (but Not Only) News: Peng Shuai Reappears and Slow Cycling Record

Tennis Weekly (but Not Only) News: Peng Shuai Reappears and Slow Cycling Record

Monday, November 15th

Another debate for GOAT to start the week, and it is Nick Kyrgios’s turn to vote: Sot them Federer. The most influential player he has ever played is Federer. His game has been copied. There are guys like Dimitrov who literally modeled their game according to him. But man, find your style! No one really plays like Novak, while people imitate Federer. I, too, sometimes imitate his service gesture. In my eyes, Roger Federer is Michael Jordan of tennis and it is his retirement that will hurt tennis the most. The Australian’s arguments should not be thrown away, unlike the post of a temporary postman from Obies (North), who prefers to throw the envelopes in the bin instead of handing them out. If anyone has ordered a rocket, please wait.

Tuesday, November 16th

Always Roger Federer, or rather Rodger. It’s really the first name of the Swiss player in the hilarious comic strip series by Hermann and Vincent, who recently published a second opus entitled Mirka and Rodger (Slatkine Publications) after a first phone call Rodger: Childhood of Art. Sites that reinvent the life of the player as ridiculous as the feat of Italian Davide Formolo, the author of the record for the shortest cycling distance over 60 minutes during the Slow Cycling Festival held in Ferrara. Namely: 918 meters. And to say that some believe that Roger Federer is lazy …

Wednesday, November 17th

Maybe rightly so, as the Swiss are not doing so well. ” I would be extremely surprised if I were able to play Wimbledon, balance and injury, which we should not find on the field before the summer of 2022. My ambition is to see for the last time what I’m in able to do … My life is I will not part if I do not play a Grand Slam final again, but it would be my biggest dream to come back. I still believe in. However, this news gives some people the desire to kill, especially this 30-year-old arrested in Toulouse after he shot twice at the car of a motorist he considered very slow. What do you want, people go crazy without their idol at all.

Thursday, November 18th

There are those who, like American billionaire Kenneth Griffin, do not know what to do with their money and spend $ 43 million to buy the United States Constitution before lending it to a museum for public display. And here is Garbine Muguruza, who wins the WTA Masters and becomes the first Spanish winner in the history of the competition. Everyone has their own way, everyone has their own destiny.

Friday, November 19th

Did you know? The frog is not a female toad, as scientist Fran├žoise Serre Collet points out in her new book. 50 misconceptions about amphibians (Quae Publications). Did you know that? It is possible to climb a bubble in the first set and then fight to the extreme to end the game in the winner’s shoes, as shown by Daniil Medvedev, who saves two game points against Jannik Sinner and beats the Italian after 2:32. battle. this Masters group meeting offered no action (russia was already qualified for the rest of the event, his opponent had already been eliminated). We learn every day.

Saturday 20 November

Big shock in Turin, where Novak Djokovic is sent to sea by Alexander Zverev during the Masters semifinals. The result: a man living in the Jura turns into a smurf, his skin turning forever blue due to silver particles ingested to strengthen his immune system. It does not matter, as the real news is the disappearance of Peng Shuai, who thankfully gives at least a sign of life through a video posted by a state journalist where she talks to her trainer in the restaurant, citing the date of the day. Finally something to calm down a bit.

Sunday 21 November

Phew, a public appearance of Peng Shuai! The Chinese woman, who apparently pays her rape charge against a senior personality, was spotted in Beijing during a youth tennis tournament. Meanwhile, Zverev kidnaps the unfortunate Daniil Medvedev Masters. What if we gathered 12,000 musicians to celebrate, like Venezuela, which set the planetary record for the largest orchestra in the world?


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